Peony perennial Diana Parks

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Diana Parks is very similar to Red Charm but has more stems but does not get as strong from the structure of the plant as Red Charm. We have this variety new in the program and are just thrilled.

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  1. Order: You select the peony perennials you want in our online shop and place your order. Make sure you choose the correct variety and number.
  2. Packaging: The peony perennials are carefully dug up by experienced employees and prepared before shipping. The roots are cleaned of excess soil and possibly trimmed to ensure the best quality.
  3. Protection and Moisture: The cleaned roots are placed in moist packaging material such as potting substrate to protect them from drying out. This material keeps the roots moist during transport and protects them from damage.
  4. Shipping packaging: The prepared peony bushes are placed in suitable shipping packaging. This packaging protects the roots from pressure and ensures they arrive safely during shipping.
  5. Shipping: The shipping packaging with the peony perennials is handed over to the shipping service provider. Depending on the distance and shipping method, this can be done by air freight or land transport. It is important that shipping is quick to ensure plants arrive as fresh as possible.
  6. Delivery and unpacking: The peony perennials will be delivered to your specified delivery address. Once you receive the package, you should open it carefully and unpack the plants immediately. Check the condition of the roots and temporarily store the perennials in a cool, shady location until you are ready to plant them.

The best time to plant peony perennials is in the fall. Ideally this should happen between September and October. At this time, plants have enough time to grow roots before winter comes.

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